The R.M. of Eyebrow No. 193 role and mandate is to help improve the economic, social and environmental well-being of our ratepayers. We will also endeavor to promote the well-being of our residents in addition to promoting the local communities. In all its actions, our council is committed to providing quality services and will continue to do our best to work with the residents in our communities for a better future.

An image of the RM office

In the early days, the area was originally settled by European and Canadian settlers around 1904 to 1908. Prior to Eyebrow's existence, travelers used a settler trail from Moose Jaw to travel north towards Saskatoon. A land mark on the trail was comprised of a group semi-circle low hills surrounding a lake, called Lake Eye, and was used to aid travelers. In 1908, the Canadian Pacific Railway had been built and the town was called Eyebrow.

The council takes on a leadership role by functioning as an advocate of community needs, a promoter and coordinator of action. We will also promote and participate in strategic partnerships with private sectors, non-government organizations and intergovernmental alliances.