Slow and Steady Progress for Gensource in Developing Local Mines UPDATED

Gensource Potash continues to make strides in developing

potash mines northwest of Moose Jaw.

In January of 2015, the Saskatoon-based company announced plans to build a solution mine near Craik, and followed that with news last year that they had purchased two mining leases from YanCoal to develop what they call their "Vanguard Area" projects in the Eyebrow/Tugaske region.

In December of last year, Gensource received early test results from their Vanguard project, and were pleased.  Now, the company says they have completed a feasibility study on the same location.

"Our next step is detailed engineering, followed by purchasing some equipment for the project," said spokesperson Paul Neufeld. "We're going to focus on the Vanguard 1 project, and later this fall look at expanding more of our Vanguard area by doing some exploration drilling."

Neufeld says once construction is complete, there would be dozens of long-term jobs created.

"Presently we're expecting about 150 (employees) as our peak construction workforce," stated Neufeld. "For long-term operations we'd look at about 46-50 people. We think those sizes of projects are the right size for rural Saskatchewan."

What does he mean by "right size"?

"You can see a small community grow, and it doesn't put too much demand on the local infrastructure."




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