Eyebrow is in the GREAT 8 Contest by 800 CHAB Radio!

VOTING IS OPEN! PLEASE VOTE HERE https://www.discovermoosejaw.com/great-8/eyebrow As we celebrate Canada 150, we can look forward to another great celebration coming up in August. The Great Eight Tour on 800 CHAB. Along with Hawks Agro, CHAB will visit eight southern Saskatchewan towns this August. Each town will host a live broadcast where we'll [...] Read more

2017 Tax Notices Mailed on August 1

Tax Notices will be mailed out on August 1. If you have moved and have not updated your address with our office, please contact us at 306-759-2101 or email at rm193@yourlink.ca COMMON QUESTIONS When are taxes due? Taxes are due December 31st of each year. Are there discounts on taxes? Yes! On current municipal taxes, Saskatchewan Municipal Hail [...] Read more


FIRE BAN The Rural Municipality of Eyebrow No. 193, kindly asks that effective immediately that all ratepayers refrain from ALL burning in general. ** We thank all ratepayers in advance for their co-operation. http://rmofeyebrow.ca/data/uploads/news/fireban.pdf Other areas that have already put fire bans in place as of July 19 include: - City of [...] Read more

Land For Sale

LAND FOR SALE SW 35-21-03 W3 Phone Corwin Cave for more information at 306-796-7157

Gravel Hauling and Gravel Pits

GRAVEL HAULERS If you wish to haul in the RM of Eyebrow and you are hauling any "Gravel Products" such as; rock, stone, sand, cement, shale, mud, oil, potash and emulsions you MUST obtain permission and a haul agreement before any hauling can commence. AS PER BYLAW NO 05-2016 "A BYLAW TO PROVIDE FOR ENTERING INTO ROAD MAINTENACE AGREEMENTS BETWEEN [...] Read more

FWDF lands available to producers for grazing until Sept 15

Environment Minister Scott Moe is reminding livestock producers that 90,000 acres of Fish and Wildlife Development fund (FWDF) lands are available to producers for grazing until September 15. This will enhance producers’ ability to manage potential feed shortage due to Saskatchewan’s current dry conditions. “We know grazing and haying benefits [...] Read more

Annual Ditch Mowing and Hay Salvage Program

Good afternoon, The annual Ditch Mowing and Hay Salvage Program will make hay available at no cost on provincial highway ditches. This helps control brush and weeds, which maintains sightlines for motorists on curves and intersections. The program also optimizes snow storage in ditches, which reduces drifting on the road’s surface during the snowy [...] Read more

Notice of Abandonment of Poll

Notice of Abandonment of Poll THE RURAL MUNICIPALITY OF EYEBROW NO. 193 Whereas the following are the only candidates, I hereby give public notice that no voting will take place for the said office(s) and the following persons are elected by acclamation: DIVISION 6 – KEVIN WILSON Dated this 5th day of July, 2017. Chris Bueckert Returning Officer


FORM L (Section 78 of the Act) BY ELECTION Notice of Call for Further Nominations RURAL MUNICIPALITY OF EYEBROW NO. 193 PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given that nominations of candidates for the office of: COUNCILLOR: RM OF EYEBROW NO. 193 - DIVISION NO. 6 will be received by the undersigned at the municipal office during regular business hours of 8:30 [...] Read more

UPDATED Info Online Payments

The Rural Municipality of Eyebrow No. 193 (EYEBROW #193 TX) now accepts on line payments directly to our bank account for all property tax payments. Simply follow the steps listed below if you are interested in pursuing this option for your tax payments. We are setup at the following banks: Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) Scotiabank Canadian Imperial [...] Read more

Sask Municipal Hail Insurance

lt is that time of year again and the 2017 hail season is fast approaching. Saskatchewan Municipal Hail Insurance (SMHI) & Additional Municipal Hail Insurance (AMHI) For 2017 Municipal Hail has again reduced rates. The surcharge on Lentils has been lowered to l.50x the basic rate, the discount on a 10 straight deductible has been reduced to .70 [...] Read more

Gensource joins with Essel Group for the Vanguard Project

Source: http://www.gensourcepotash.ca/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/GSP-NR-VPC-JV-Shareholder-Agreement-Signed-Final-04Apr2017.pdf

Controlled Burns

CONTROLLLED BURNS Sometimes you will need to burn grass, bush piles or stubble. Please be sure you are well-prepared and that you have fire guards in place and water readily available. These "controlled burns" should also be reported. If you don't phone in your controlled burn and someone reports a fire to 911, if a fire department is dispatched [...] Read more

2017 Assessment Notices

R.M. OF EYEBROW NO. 193 Notice is hereby given that the assessment roll for the R.M. of Eyebrow No. 193 for the year 2017 has been prepared and is open to inspection in the office of the assessor from 8:30 a.m. to noon and 1 to 4:30 p.m., on the following days: Monday to Thursday, March 27 to May 29, 2017. A bylaw pursuant to section 214 of The [...] Read more

Vanguard Area Project Information

Vanguard Area Project Information http://www.gensourcepotash.ca/?page_id=744

Gensource Data Update From Vanguard Project

GENSOURCE RECEIVES ASSAY DATA FROM THE SECOND WELL AT ITS VANGUARD ONE PROJECT http://www.gensourcepotash.ca/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/GSP-NR-Well-2-Assay-Data-23Jan2017-Final.pdf

Feb 1 Gensource Meeting for Tugaske District

Please see attached for a upcoming Gensource meeting. http://rmofeyebrow.ca/data/uploads/news/gensourceopenhouse-tugaske2.pdf

Running for Council? What you need to know

The Ministry of Government Relations has developed a new document aimed at informing citizens of the requirements and process of running for municipal council. Running for Municipal Council: What you need to know The “Running for Municipal Council: What you need to know” is geared towards individuals who may be interested in or considering running [...] Read more

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